Spiritual State of the Meeting – 2010

Midlothian Friends gathered on April 30 for the annual “Gathering for Clearness.” As a central part of this day, Friends held a worship sharing and responded to a series of queries about the spiritual life of our community. Continue reading

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Spiritual State of the Meeting – 2009

Midlothian Friends came together for our annual Gathering for Clearness on May 1. During this day of reflection, Friends expressed a strong sense of belonging to this supportive community of spiritual seekers. Our meeting strives to create a safe sense of home for all who attend. We warmly welcome members and newcomers to Meeting for Worship. We are strengthened and enriched by our community, finding comfort and support in sharing our lives with one another. Our exuberant children are a special source of joy. They are a gift to meeting and our hope for the future.

Over the last year, Friends have come together to help renovate the Meetinghouse. The love and care that has gone into the renovations is evident in improvements to the flooring, lighting and kitchen. The renovation process has been handled very smoothly and successfully, led by Quaker Process and the capable leadership of the Buildings and Grounds committee. It is hoped that our good stewardship of the meetinghouse may eventually draw others in the surrounding community who are seeking the use of our building.
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Interchange – Spring 2010

As we move through the spring and summer, we will offer a Quakerism 101 class at the rise of Meeting on third First Day during our ‘Meeting for Nurture’ for adults. Our Meeting continues its focus on social action and social change through our thrift store, The Thrifty Quaker. Through the hard work of the board and the good staff at our store, we have been able to continue giving thousands of dollars each year to support charities chosen by our Peace and Social Action Committee. Our young friends and Junior Young Friends are gathering school supplies to send to Haiti.

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Interchange – Winter 2010

Midlothian Friends Meeting’s thrift store, The Thrifty Quaker, continues to thrive in these poor economic times. The store raises funds for charities each month that are chosen to be recipients by the meeting’s Peace and Social Action Committee (PSAC). The store, which is in its 14th year of operation, also donates many goods to organizations who support persons in need. Midlothain Friends Meeting also sponsors a fund called FriendShare that is advertised at the thrift store. This fund provides one-time monetary assistance to persons not associated with Quakers who are in need of paying a housing, medical, transportation, or utility bill. The Thrifty Quaker employees over Thanksgiving sponsored a Brunswick Stew and pie sale, raising over $2000 for FriendShare. The meeting is fortunate to have 6 dedicated and long-time employees at the store – most of whom are not Quakers.
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